Three men stood upon the shore
Pondering their being
Gazing at the vast beyond
Groping after meaning.

The young one cracked the silence
Inner thoughts came spewing forth
For deep inside he could not hide
His passionate plea for worth

“This sea that roars before me
I’m afraid I fail to love
Its all-consuming quality
Is a trait I’m jealous of

The crashing waves envelop round
Those who dare confront
Blue brilliant power buffets awe
Few daring absorb its brunt

If only I could, like the sea
Be great and not left wanting
Perhaps one day I’ll swallow it
And desiccate its haunting.”

The middle-aged one shook his head
He thought the notions foolish
Of the greenhorn, naïve before him
Who found lack of wealth so ghoulish.

“One can have it all my son,
With endless time to use it
Yet the awful deal you’ll always have
Is the fear that you may lose it.

This sea produces many treasures
Pearls and gold and life
Though nothing made within its waves
Can save you from your strife

If I only I could, like the sea
Never once be swallowed
Live forever unmolested
Immortal, Safe, and Hallowed.”

The old man shifted slowly
Peering out to endless depths
He’d choose his old words wisely
Precious now were his deep breaths

“I’ve had it all upon a time
Just like this water here
Many men I’ve ruled like ocean’s fury
From a castle, most secure.

The commodity most invaluable
That eludes me like a whale
Is for all the world to know me
Leave my mark, no fear of fail

For greater than the treasure
Much greater than assurance
Is knowing I’m forever known
In spite of history’s currents.

If only I could, like the sea,
Be remembered by all who live
My life would be worth something
It could end with naught to give.”

Suddenly they realized
A fourth man stood about
As he spoke the ocean stilled
His voice now held the clout

“I’ll give you everything,
I’ll adorn you with the best
I’ll secure your wealth, and your heart
With a plate upon your breast

Above all I will meet you,
Welcome you into my home,
We’ll forge our deep desires,
The endeavor to be Known.

But of course there is a cost,
The gift, it is not free
For to know the great Unknowable
Is to become a nobody.

For with me you must lose everything,
Leaving this world with nil

For with me I’ll promise nothing
I’m not safe, nor is your will

With me there is a chance perhaps,
You’ll fade and be obscure
And not one soul will know you
To be remembered is unsure.

If only you could, like the sea
Do that for which you’re made
At once your eyes would shift from self
All vain quests would soon fade.

For every dream you most admire
I’ll deliver if you trust
The secret to your hearts’ desires
Is to be Anonymous.”

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