If Only

Thinking back on what transpired
Ages passed and now retired
So much more was once desired
If only.

Should’ve risked a smidgen more
Could’ve missed an open door
Would’ve kissed the face of lore
If only.

Kept silent ‘stead of speaking
Spoke too soon ‘stead of keeping
The words within, now left repeating
If only.

Fears of all the deeds undone
Tears from all the seeds unsown
Years of life’s song seems unsung
If only.

But that isn’t what transpired
In past’s mud pit we are mired

Worried ’bout the door ’twas missed
Yet through another walked with bliss

All the times the words weren’t spoken
Kept not fate from being broken

Whether pressed forward or sat still
Not one action tweaked the will
Of the One who’s pleased to kill the words
If only.

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