Who Sees My Plan?

There’s a plan for me
Dramatic destiny
Of whose eyes do see
Isn’t clear to me.

Is it the Universe
The vague cosmic Nurse
Pushing me head first
Into the wayward hearse?

Is it Nirvanic force
The still and silent horse
Promising soul divorce
If I ride its course?

Is it Nothingness
The non-tactile bliss
Giving me the diss
Of justice amiss?

Are they the gods afar
The pantheon of war
Some if I do ignore
Shall strike me lame and poor?

Is it the single Maker
The celestial baker
Whose homage few the taker
Leaving a globe of fakers?

Why are these eyes so distant
Not a pair insistent
Their stories inconsistent
Who shall pursue persistent?

Is there a presence nearer
Calling the falling hearer
Dissonant voice made clearer
‘Stead some vacuous terror?

Or could ever a man
Deliver such a plan
Taking my whole life’s span
From where it first began?

Couldn’t be less than general
To fight my plan from seminal
Couldn’t be less than sage
To orchestrate the age
Couldn’t be less than seer
Forecasting all my fear
Couldn’t be less than flawless
Making just the lawless
Couldn’t be less than rabbi
Teaching my tale better than I
Couldn’t be less than priest
Fixing each fragile piece
Couldn’t be less than king
Great might to do such thing.

But would he know the loss suffered
My hurt that’s not buffered
My shame that’s not covered
My joys undiscovered?

Would he respect the rejection
My miss of perfection
My hopeless direction
My endless reflection?

Would he have eyes like me
To see what I see
To get my grief and glee
My longing to be free

From this distant plan
From this unknown clan
Whose idols span
Over all the land?

And if he did would I
Have the guts to try
To follow this great guide
And have our souls abide

As he leads me forth
Into a life of worth
Going beyond this Earth
Into eternal mirth?

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