The Low Place

Embarking on a great ascent to meet you in the high place
Hopeful I could snatch lightning and catch a glimpse of your face
Toiling ’til my feet were panged and hands were sore and calloused
I scaled the rocks expecting I’d behold that holy chalice
Once upon the pinnacle I braced for tastes of glory
Took my scents and offerings out to the promontory
Peered around for quite a while yet felt no presence there
Conscious of my solitude I started to despair

Suddenly the earth beneath began to crack and crumble
The cliff gave way so my descent became a frightful tumble
Careening down the jagged slope absorbing painful blows
And more disjointed I became the farther I was thrown
Bracing for the final thrust to send me to my end
I tucked up tight with all my might, hoped fate would spare me then
‘Til finally I came to rest abruptly ‘pon the ground
Paralyzed and somber I still found no presence ’round.

So I lay a crumpled mess prostrate upon the earth
The hurt so deep I couldn’t cry, but languished in my dearth.
Scents of blood and filthiness were all I had to give
Tasting nothing but despair ’twas bitter now to live.
Immobile I reached out with my broken, feeble spirit
Pleads for mercy beckoned, how I hoped that you would hear it
Suddenly you’re lying there, I feel your full embrace
In awe after a great descent, you met me in the low place.

The Curious Case of Belligerent Bumper Stickers

Today I saw a car this bumper sticker on the back of someone’s car:


Now it may be true that the stick family car stickers have gotten out of hand. It’s one thing to add a kid, but when you also have stickers for your baby, your cats, your parakeet and your mule, it’s gone too far. If your stick family expands the length of your rear windshield, you have doled out way too much cash on stickers.

But I’m not gonna be a stick family sticker hater. In fact, I have to get back to the car that had the anti-stick-family sticker. This same car had three separate zombie stickers on its rear windshield. Whoa. You’re banging on stick families when you have an obvious obsession with living dead people, who by the way are fake.

411dTthmLQL._SY300_-2Such irony. You don’t like innocent depictions of families but you’re all for fictional, fantasy-land man eaters. Forget those happy people who take great pride and affection in their brood. Let’s celebrate the pride you take in readying yourself for the horrible event that will never happen. Oh the humor of vehicular homicide versus the serious business of the Zombie Apocalypse. Truly sir you have eloquently navigated the torrents of discovering life’s meaning and firmly planted your feet on the island of nobility.

Truth be told, we Speights are kind of a real-life stick family. And when the zombies come, let’s just say they won’t be running themselves over to devour us.