The Low Place

Embarking on a great ascent to meet you in the high place
Hopeful I could snatch lightning and catch a glimpse of your face
Toiling ’til my feet were panged and hands were sore and calloused
I scaled the rocks expecting I’d behold that holy chalice
Once upon the pinnacle I braced for tastes of glory
Took my scents and offerings out to the promontory
Peered around for quite a while yet felt no presence there
Conscious of my solitude I started to despair

Suddenly the earth beneath began to crack and crumble
The cliff gave way so my descent became a frightful tumble
Careening down the jagged slope absorbing painful blows
And more disjointed I became the farther I was thrown
Bracing for the final thrust to send me to my end
I tucked up tight with all my might, hoped fate would spare me then
‘Til finally I came to rest abruptly ‘pon the ground
Paralyzed and somber I still found no presence ’round.

So I lay a crumpled mess prostrate upon the earth
The hurt so deep I couldn’t cry, but languished in my dearth.
Scents of blood and filthiness were all I had to give
Tasting nothing but despair ’twas bitter now to live.
Immobile I reached out with my broken, feeble spirit
Pleads for mercy beckoned, how I hoped that you would hear it
Suddenly you’re lying there, I feel your full embrace
In awe after a great descent, you met me in the low place.

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