The Picture

I’ve painted you a picture
A mural complicated
Of a vast and odd adventure
Hopeful it’s appreciated.

Before I show you I admit
The trepidation lingers
To release the canvas I’ll submit
From my reluctant fingers.

For it’s a mess of strokes
From hideous to sublime
The scattered imagery evokes
Bittersweetness every time.

It started as a modest work
Of varicolored nature
Brilliant tints bereft of murk
Splashed with joy upon the paper.

Once I knew though what commenced
I could not halt the session
The shades grew ever more intense
Now the art was what I questioned.

A complicated scene had dawned
Success and failure vacillated
Countless days and months passed on
As the grand work was created.

At times I labored for perfection
Alas a mottled mess ensued
Often I lacked a clear direction
Yet the richest tones imbued.

You know I had lovely intentions
For each portion of the piece
But got lost deep in dimensions
And lo, the artful flow did cease.

But then some spark would catalyze
An exquisite contribution
To help the portions synthesize
Giving this piece absolution.

Most recently and prior retire
The quality’s progressed
Sweet strokes may pass the test of fire
Covering what once transgressed.

Surely opaque blots, a myriad
Nearly mar the whole
Yet just enough fine hues I had
To morph those blots to gold.

I know the time has come
The creation is complete
Is there a spot within your home
You’d consider it to meet?

At last the canvas I reveal
Oh please won’t you elate?
I painted it in zeal
For you, my question cannot wait…

Is it beautiful?

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