Fifty Shames of Grey #FSOG

Violence you mask as fetish
Narcissistic deeds you relish
Masculine force how you embellish
Horny heresy leaves you devilish
Sacred act you twist to hellish

Make her think your way is good
Trick her to think she’s understood
Then you creep under her hood
Don’t mind to spill a bit of blood
And make her wallow in your mud

Convince her that it’s kind of fun
‘Til her self is all but stunned
‘Til you leave her all undone
‘Til you cleave her soul with shun
Wither this flower in your Sun

Haunt her dreams all for your pleasure
Vault her screams like they’re your treasure
Daunt her beams under your pressure
Flaunt your schemes all for good measure
Taunt your victim ‘fore you hedge her

Dominate the doe with rage
Eve’s corruption you engage
No kind boundaries on your page
Run sweetness quickly off the stage
Hearts you rent from your rampage

Hatred you pose as passion
Discard females like a fashion
They need caress instead you bash them
Abuse them good before you trash them
Fake the bonds and then you cash them

You rape with their consent
Leave them full of harsh resent
Strangle them with discontent
Mangle them with punishment
Take them on your vile descent

Empty sex with love displaced
Slap a daughter in her face
Put a sister in her place
Drag them in your fall from grace
Crush their heart with brute embrace

Defile that precious creature
Treat her like she’s just a feature
Find the crack and then you breach her
Stain her soul and then you bleach her
Degradation’s all you teach her

Cast your shadow on the splendor
Give her pain when she needs tender
Nefarious services you render
Ship her life off like a vendor
Make her a game and so you end her.

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