Few activities are more corrosive to humanity than speaking ill of others. Our nation is witnessing this on a grand stage with the presidential race, but we see it on more personal levels among our own relationships. Most of us face the temptation every day. And on this Good Friday, we’re reminded of how lies, reviling and mockery led to the destruction of an innocent man, who instead of using his last words to defend himself against those who cursed him, prayed they’d be forgiven.


Sitting round the table
Captivated by the fable
Getting wrapped up in the cycle
Of the not-so-subtle libel

Speaking of her like she’s junk
Speaking of him as a punk
Aspersions firing with a bang
To compose the vile harangue

Assaulting every possible neighbor
Lacking any taste of favor
Bitterness the favorite flavor
Something kind o how I savor

Those not present lack defense
From incessant negligence
Of the words that cause despair
Leaving me with bleeding ear

How I wish for something pure
To cause such great allure
That it would captivate and cure
Ballooning egos with a skewer

Send us tumbling down to earth
Where we remember from our birth
Wickedness lives in us each
And we all must strive to reach
For the pinnacle achieved
For perfection unreceived
Away from devils who adversely
Convince us we’re too good for mercy.

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