Stumbling through an unlit hall the world gropes for the room.

Lacking wit and wherewithal we cope within the gloom.

Where be that gleam, that spark, that flash, that slightly cracking door?

Just in our dreams, in dark, we crash, not lightly, ‘pon the floor.

Alas ephemeral flicker stirs an upbeat of the heart.

Gasp, no time to dicker, back on our feet we start.

Make way to welcomed glimmer, ’til right within our reach.

Nay stay a fading shimmer, ’tis night within us each.

Flecks of phantom luminescence display and move and look legit.

Checks for the genuine essence, yet they all prove counterfeit.

Can no one true step out from death, to enlighten our dark way?

Past someones all bereft of breath, have heightened our dismay.

Suddenly the hall’s ablaze with blinding lumination.

Surely all are fazed by this resounding revelation.

For who breaks forth, none other than the maker of the light.

The source of luminosity, purveyor of the bright.

The world moves on and gropes around for some new visionaries.

Through darkness all our hopes abound in one true Luminary.


This is a reflection on John 1:9. “There was the true Light, which, coming into the world, enlightens every man.” Merry Christmas.

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